Adversity can break you, or it can transform you into something much greater than you ever imagined. The great Henry Ward Beecher was once quoted as saying, “One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” This couldn’t be truer when it comes to the origins of Wolf.

When our founder, Mitch West, had to endure 3 grueling back surgeries (complete with spinal fusion and titanium hardware), leading to brutal battles with states of deep depression and mental defeat – Mitch thought he’d never enjoy physical activities again. But when his doctor told him to never let his physical setbacks define his life or capabilities, and to give mountain biking a try – everything changed.

Mitch not only discovered the true exhilaration and gnarly thrills that mountain biking had to offer, but also found himself transcending his personal fears. Mountain biking allowed him to connect deeper with Mother Nature and to experience the beauty of the wild. It also opened up a whole new (and very innovative) chapter in his life.

As his passion for mountain biking grew, Mitch quickly noticed that most major brands focused on motocross or motorsports, and neglected mountain bikers. There was a distinct need for a mountain biking apparel brand that purely focused on MTB riders while accurately representing and reflecting their real passion for biking. This is where the concept of an outstanding brand of authentic mountain bike clothing was born, and became Wolf.

Wolf is dedicated to ardent and adventurous mountain bikers who are born to shred, aren’t afraid to rail those sharp-edged downhill corners, and even known to pull a classic wheelie on occasion. Our premium but affordable line of MTB clothing is specifically created to empower loyal mountain bikers like you to embrace your wild and fearless nature as part of the pack.

Here at Wolf, we always have you covered.

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